Christian Worship Services

Thank you for your interest in our traditional and inspiring Christian Worship Service. 

We believe that worship is not just an event that happens once a week,… but how you live your life everyday,… in service to the Lord through each other.

Our Traditional Christian Worship Service is centered around the Lord’s Supper (Communion) in which we receive the food of Eternal Life.  (John 6:53-58)

Communion[1]  Presentation[1]  Administration[1]

Every baptized Christian who is repentant of their sins and has confessed them to the Lord is invited to Communion,… without pre-condition and regardless of tradition or denomination.  Don’t deny yourself this loving and sustaining sacrament.

Please note that we are an outreach ministry for people in Hawaii who may not have easy access to a pastor or a church,… or who simply prefer to worship God in some place other than a church building.  

Who are those people?  

They may be people who:

  • Struggle with health, mobility, or disability issues
  • Are confined to their home, hospital, or hospice care center
  • Have very limited transportation resources/capabilities
  • Have a work schedule that makes it difficult to go to church at a certain time
  • Are visitors to Hawaii who just don’t know where to go worship
  • Are faithful people who find it difficult to focus on Christ in a large, busy Church,… preferring a liturgy/worship away from a church setting/environment.
  • Have no denominational affiliation or church home
  • Are Catholics who have been denied Communion because of some situation such as divorce and remarriage
  • Are looking for pastoral support for traditional services such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms

They may be people just like you.

We recognize that  worshipping  in community (coming together with others at Church) is always best, however, some people have a really difficult time getting to a Church. 

Others just find a big, busy church,… for various reasons,… to be personally uncomfortable or distracting.  Those who do often prefer to Worship God in the privacy of their own home or dwelling place,… wherever that may be. 

Where are you most comfortable talking and communing with God?

Where do you best experience a closer love and intimacy with our Lord?

In a big Church,…

Big Church - clipart

 … or in the privacy of your own home ?

Small Home - Clipart

Only you can answer that. 

Thankfully, nothing says you absolutely must be inside the walls of a church  building to properly worship God.  

  • The early Christians often worshipped in their own homes,  catacombs, and fields.  
  • Formal Praise and Worship of God is good, acceptable, and pleasing to our Lord, wherever it is done.

Our Worship Services can be held indoors or outdoors at a location that is helpful to you.   This can be something that you arrange for a group of people in their home, in a hotel, on the beach, a chapel, or wherever a Christian Liturgy/Worship Service is desired.  

  • Worship Services can also be made available in a more private setting for those who are hospitalized, shut-in, or who just want a more personal Worship experience.

   Friends homeIn the Home

Nursing homeCare homes, hospitals, hospice centers


In HomeHotel Rooms

If you sometimes find it difficult to go to a Church,… or if you just prefer a more personal worship experience for you, your loved ones, or friends,… give us a call and let’s Worship God at a location that is meaningful and beneficial to you.



Our Worship Service is designed to help people know and encounter God through the Preaching of His Word (Sermon), The Lord’s Supper (Communion), Prayer, and Hymns/Songs of Praise. 



Our SERMONs are designed to help you grow your love relationship with Jesus,… our Lord and Savior,…and to better apply His Word to your everyday life. 

  • Our sermons are expository in nature and are preached in very simple, plain English that is easy to understand, by everyone. 
  • Our sermons don’t go on forever and ever and ever.   After the Scripture reading and a few illustrations, we get right to the point regarding the life application of the message.




PRAYER is offered throughout the Worship Service in which we professes our repentance individually and as a faith community.

  • We give joyful praise and thanks to God for our forgiveness from His finished work on the Cross
  • We give Him thanks & praise for His abundant blessings.
  • Above all, we pray (and accept) that God’s will be done in our lives,… whatever that may be,… to strengthen us in the faith as unwavering followers of Christ.  




The MUSIC in our service emphasizes (and keeps the focus on) Jesus Christ as the center of our worship. 

  • You may hear traditional hymns or contemporary songs,… all of which are inspirational and give glory to God.  

Altar Set 2.png

 Altar set-up:  Yes, full set-up (Cross, Flowers, Candles, and seasonal linen)  

Length of Service:  Approximately 45-minutes (adjustable if necessary)

Opening Greetings:  Yes

Opening / Processional Hymn (gathering song):  Yes

Opening Prayer:  Yes

Readings:  3 readings (1 OT reading, 1 NT reading, and 1 Gospel Reading)

Sermon/Homily:  Yes (understandable, illustrated, brief, and relevant)

Confession/Absolution:  Yes – Three (3) methods:

  1.  Personally – by you confessing your sins directly to God.
  2.  In community – during the Worship Service through the Prayers of the People (General Confession prayer).
  3.  In private – by confessing your sins to one another,… or,… confessing your sins to the presiding pastor/minister/chaplain (this method is never required, but always available if desired).  

Invitation/Communion:   Yes

Communion HymnYes

Prayers of the Faithful / Thanksgiving:  Yes

Closing Prayer:  Yes

Dismissal/Blessing(s):  Yes

Closing (sending forth) HymnYes

 + Let’s Worship God, together +

Please call or email us if you have any other question or need additional clarification.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Prayers & Blessings

Ph:  (808) 347-6615


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