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From all of us here at Island Aloha Christian Ministries, CONGRATULATIONS !

Your Wedding will be a day to cherish and remember for the rest of your life.

Our Wedding Ministers/Officiants are Ordained and Licensed to formally officiate weddings anywhere in the State of Hawaii.    They would be honored to preside at your Wedding Ceremony so you can move forward with your new life as Husband and Wife,… in love and service to the Lord,… through each other.


Diamond Head Couple - no minister

Whether your wedding is in a church building,… or on a secluded beach at sunset,… remote locations or odd times are no problem.  We will do our very best to accommodate you with the location you desire,… anywhere on the islands.

Have the type of wedding you want,… wherever and whenever you want it,… all while preserving the Sacredness of a Christian Marriage Ceremony.



The requirements for marriage in the State of Hawaii can be found at https://emrs.ehawaii.gov/emrs/public/home.html

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The only requirements we have as a Christian ministry are:

  • As a couple, you have received some type premarital counseling (from a pastor or counselor of your choice)
  • You are a baptized Christian
  • The marriage is between a man and a woman (as determined at birth). 

If you have not received any premarital counseling or have never been baptized, our Ministers can assist you with this in advance of your wedding. 

Once your wedding ceremony is complete, your marriage will be officially recorded in the Marriage Register of Island Aloha Christian Ministries, Hawaii

Additionally, for those who are married by Island Aloha Christian Ministries, a re-blessing of your marriage or a Vow Renewal ceremony is always available to you anytime you’re visiting the island of Oahu.   This is our way of helping to keep the memory of your wedding day alive and your marriage forever strong.

Your Wedding Minister/Officiant,… as well as all of us at Island Aloha Christian Ministries,… would love to see you again and encourage you to keep in touch with us!

IACM Marriage Certificate - Certificates Final

In addition to the Official “Permanent” Marriage License that will be sent to you from the State of Hawaii,  you will also be presented with a beautiful Marriage Certificate from Island Aloha Christian Ministries, Hawaii, like the one above.   Once signed by the witnesses, it will be presented to you,… as Husband and Wife,… at the signing table or at your reception.   Duplicate Certificates will be forever available to you, if needed.   

Note:  An Official “Temporary” Marriage License from the State of Hawaii will also be available to you online, usually within 2-3 business days of the date of your ceremony.   You can print it out and use it for official purposes (making ID cards, etc.).   We can print this document and fax, mail, or email it to you if that is helpful.   


Wedding Ceremony (Suggested donation/honoraria):

  • Wedding Ceremony:   Please call
  • Each rehearsal:   Please call 

Note:  The above suggested donation/honoraria is for the island of Oahu, only.   If the wedding and/or rehearsals are on one of the other islands (Maui, Kauai, Big Island) you would be additionally responsible for the air travel, car rental, food, and lodging for the Minister/Chaplain.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Prayers & Blessings

Ph:  (808) 347-6615

Email:  iacmh@outlook.com

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