Q:  Are you Catholic or Protestant?

A:  Neither,… just Christian.   Although we have benefitted much from both Catholics and Protestants, we prefer a non-denominational approach free from any church authority, governance, or binding creeds.   We are just Christian and with liberty of conscience, we follow just the Bible.


Q:   What Creeds or Doctrines does Island Aloha Christian Ministries follow?

A:   Very simply, we only “follow” Sacred Scripture,… but we do enjoy praying the Apostles Creed.


Q:   Do you use Holy Water?

A:   We have water,… always available for the people,… that has been prayed over and blest by the pastor, however, we do not refer to it as “Holy Water”  since only God can truly make things “Holy.”   Instead, we prefer to call it “Inspirational” or “Living” water since it is intended to be a reminder of the healing and cleansing power of our Baptismal vows.


Q:  Do you make the Sign of the Cross.

A:  People are free to make the Sign of the Cross anytime,… within or outside of our worship/liturgy.   It is encouraged as a reminder of the Trinity,… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and as an outward sign of our interior faith.


Q:  Do you believe that at Communion the bread and wine become the true Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ?

A:  Yes,… and this is also a belief of the Roman Catholic Church.  Where we differ from the Roman Catholic Church is that we also believe it is actual bread and wine as well.  One only has to drink enough of the wine (and become intoxicated) to realize that is true.   Of the 5 beautiful senses God gave us (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing), we do not believe He would try to trick us in any way just to test our faith.  We believe Jesus is the Bread of Life because that what Scripture tells us and we believe He is truly present in the Eucharist at Communion (John 6:53-58).


Q:  Do your pastors/priests act “In Persona Christi” (in the person of Christ) as they do in the Roman Catholic Church during Confession or during the Mass?

A:  No, Never.   We do not believe that anyone can take the place of Christ in any situation or circumstance.


Q:  What do you believe about Mary?

A:  We give Blessed Mary a very special place of honor because she is the Mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.   We have devoted an entire separate tab on our website to Mary and our position on her.   Please visit “About Mary” on this website.


Q:  Can I go to Communion without confessing my sins to a priest.

A:  Yes,… we offer an inclusive Communion, not an exclusive one.   No one is ever denied the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus.  We only ask that you be sincerely repentant (to the Lord) of any personal sin and make your best attempt at a firm purpose of amendment.


Q:  Do you believe in Purgatory?

A:  While we believe that a purification or cleansing “may” ultimately be necessary before we can enter heaven,… we leave that all up to Jesus.  We do not believe in a certain period of time that someone must stay in a certain place,… such as in purgatory, suffering,… in order to make it into heaven someday.  As such, we also do not believe in the notion that people here on earth can somehow pray or tithe you out of suffering in purgatory.


Q:  Do you believe in the Saints?

A:  Believe in them,… yes,… in the sense that we may freely honor the memory of their life of faith and sacrifice here on earth.   The saints are often very great and profound examples for us regarding our own faith and trust in God.  That said, we do not attempt to communicate with them or invoke them as intercessors in the way Roman Catholics do.   We communicate with Christ Jesus,… our only intercessor.


Q:  Do you believe that once you are saved, you’re always saved?

A:  Only God knows the answer to this as Sacred Scripture supports both a “yes” and “no” answer to that question.  That said, it tends to circumvent logic that once your saved,… often through a one time event (as in walking down the isle in an altar call),… you would essentially have a free pass no matter what kind of sin you commit in the future.  If that were the case, what would be the point in pursuing sanctification after getting saved?


This page is continually being added to/updated.






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