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  • In the name of God the Father, who created you;
  • In the name of Christ Jesus, who saves you;
  • And in the name of the Holy Spirit, who is poured out upon you.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Island Aloha Christian Ministries is a Non-Denominational Christian Field Chapel on the Island of Oahu.   Because many churches have made Christianity and Worship so complicated with rules, regulations, requirements, and laws,… we have done our best to get back to the basics and keep things simple. 

  • We stand for the simplicity and reverence of worship.  
  • We hold that the Bible contains all things necessary for our salvation.  
  • We respect indivdiual “liberty of conscience” in matters of Bible interpretation.   
  • We do not have any ecclesiastically binding creed and our Statements of Faith are very easy to follow.   Note: Although we have no binding creed, this does not mean that we are completely opposed to the use of creeds, but only that we do not require conformity to the exact words of any one theological creed for membership.  One such creed that may be used in this respect is the historic Apostle’s Creed as a general statement of Christian faith.

Our primary ministry is very singular and traditional,… to lift-up Jesus in everything we do and for you to join with us in doing so.   In John 12:32Jesus said,  “And I,  if I am lifted up from the earth,  will draw all peoples to Myself.”   

Some of the ways we lift Jesus up to the world are through:

  • Christian Worship Services
  • Wedding Ceremonies 
  • Marriage Vow Renewals
  • Home, Hospital, & Hospice Visits
  • Visits to the Incarcerated
  • Funerals & Memorial Services
  • Prayers and Blessings
  • Baptisms

We believe that when Jesus is lifted-up:

  • Marriages will be made stronger
  • Relationships will be more sincere, meaningful, and Christ centered
  • People will joyfully worship and serve God,… through a genuine love for one another 

We offer you Licensed (Hawaii), Ordained Christian Ministers & Chaplains to support you and formalize your event.

Click through our menu tabs (or any of the links below) for more specific information and feel free to contact us anytime by phone, text, or email.


Ph:  (808) 347-6615

Email:  iacmh@outlook.com 

Click any of the links below for more information

 Weddings  (Christian Weddings in Hawaii)

Wedding Questions (FAQ)  (Answers to many of your questions)

Marriage Vow Renewals  (Renew your original Marriage Vows in Paradise)

Christian Worship Service  (Praise & Worship at a location that’s best for you)

 Pastoral Visitations   (Pastor/Chaplain visits in Homes, Hospitals, and Hospice centers)

Funerals / Memorial Services  (Funeral Minister/Pastor/Chaplain support)

Prayer Requests  (Let’s pray together for all your needs and petitions)

Baptisms  (The essential Christian Sacrament of initiation)

About Mary  (What do we believe about Mary)

Important COVID-19 Note:  For your safety and until further notice,… our Worship Services will only be held outdoors and in compliance with face mask, social distancing, and sanitizing requirements as set forth by the State of Hawaii and the City & County of Oahu, Honolulu.


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