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Island Aloha Christian Ministries is a Non-Denominational “Field Chapel” that provides pastoral care to Hawaii’s residents and visitors in their time of need, or celebration.

“Field Chapel” simply means we are an outreach ministry that brings the church to the people,… wherever they are,… instead of them having to always travel to a church location for pastoral care or worship.


  • The Disabled – those who have mobility issues that makes travel uncomfortable or unsafe
  • The Confined – those who are confined, for health reasons, to their home, care facility, hospital, or hospice center
  • The Workers – those who have a difficult work schedule that makes it impossible to go to church on a certain day, at a certain time
  • The Worshippers – those who find it difficult to focus on Christ in a large, busy Church,… preferring a smaller, more personal environment for worship.
  • The Faithful – the believers who need pastoral care but have no church home,… or cannot participate fully,… because of overly difficult church rules, requirements, and expectations.
  • The Family & Friends – those who find comfort in spending time visiting a Cemetery Gravesite or Roadside Memorial to give tribute to a departed loved one,… as part of their own grieving and healing process.

OUR PRIMARY AREAS OF MINISTRY ARE (click on any topic below for more information): 

These are just some of our ministry areas. As you can see, we offer many of the same things that a largechurch does, just in an outreach ministry way that may be more helpful / accessible to some people.

For additional information on our areas of ministry and beliefs, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here (FAQ) We are also available anytime by phone, text, or email at:

Ph:  (808) 347-6615

Email:  iacmh@outlook.com 

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